Weekend Getaway- Park City

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I was raised in Florida, the land of the flat and humid. Ever since I’ve moved out West I have been in awe at how many outdoorsy things I didn’t realize I didn’t know how to do- hiking, mountain biking, and (obviously) anything involving snow and mountains. In Florida, my version of experiencing the great outdoors consisted of going to the small lake near my house and potentially seeing a gator. So when a friend of mine suggested checking out Park City, Utah for a weekend, I couldn’t resist  experiencing the exciting new terrain.

park cityIt was a short trip, but for only three days in Park City we got to experience a LOT. The best thing about Park City is, for the West Coasters out there, it’s a  super cheap (and short) flight from Vegas, California or Arizona. The city is a magical place- ski town in the winter, outdoor mecca in the summer. It has that laid back beach town feel, but sub the beach for insanely beautiful mountains and a hefty dose of mother nature. Here’s what I would suggest to make the most out of your Park City trip:park city

Check out the local Airbnb’s. Ski lodges at the mountain can get expensive really quickly, especially in season. We stayed at an Airbnb that was only a ten minute bus ride from town (another plus, free local transportation in Park City). Plus, we got to feel like faux locals, which is always my favorite part of traveling.park city

Buy lift tickets early + take a lesson. By 10am on a busy day, the wait can be well over an hour to buy a lift ticket. Luckily, my friend had an Epic Pass and I was able to buy my ticker online, which meant more time on the mountain. Also, if you’re a novice skier like me, don’t be stubborn- take a lesson. I decided I could just “go for it”, which resulted in my less than stellar attempt to get down the enormous mountain while completely terrified/semi crying the entire time. Next time, I will be taking that lesson!park city

Dinner at the Viking Yurt. This unforgettable dining experience is worth every penny. You ride an oversized sleigh up the mountain with a group of about 40 others during sunset, which is incredible in itself. Then, you have a traditional four course Norwegian meal in a cozy  yurt; the chef comes out and explains every course and there is pianist playing love music as you enjoy dinner. The setting is intimate and the food is unreal. park citypark citypark cityparkc itySpend a morning snowshoeingSide note- I had never heard of snowshoeing before. Essentially, you put on these tennis racket looking shoes and hike through the snow. It may sound touristy, but it was seriously a blast- everything from the gondola ride up the mountains to trekking through waist deep snow. The crisp mountain air is a great way to recover from the a night at one of my many rowdy Park City bars.park-city park-city-11

All in all, Park City is a must see. Whether you’re there for just a few days or for an entire week, you’ll be sure to leave with fond memories and a strong desire to return to the small, lively town that is Park City.





  • Stacey @ Pugmamastace
    November 1, 2016

    Omg Meghan, I had no idea about your blog! I have one, too! How fun! I’ve never been to Park City, but I’ve heard amazing things, and it looks beautiful!

  • Kristyn
    November 2, 2016

    So glad that you are blogging again! xo

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