One Year, 4 New Skills

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Call me cliche, but there’s something about the new year that gets me every time. Maybe it’s the fresh start, maybe it’s the reflection of everything you accomplished the year prior (or maybe it’s the champagne), but I always get giddy at the start of a New Year.12395144_10153885863398128_1978057486_nTo test my will power, every year I pick something to give up for 12 months (last year, it was Starbucks). This year, I’ve taken it a step further….. 2016 will be pizza and french fry free for me. It’ll be tough (and heartbreaking) at times, but I’m up for the challenge.12442735_10153931508848128_166965266_nIn lieu of a typical resolution to stop / start doing something, I decided to take a different approach this year. I thought about all of the things I always say I want to learn how to do, but somehow I never end up taking the time to learn how to do them. So this year is going to be the year I change that! I’m splitting the year into quarters, and every quarter I’m going to spend three months focusing on learning one new thing.2bbed3ecf41df0508771d2236ab1774e

Here’s where the real challenge came in- what four things would I pick?  I wanted to find things that are important to me and that I could have a chance to get decent at in three months. Here’s what I came up with:

Q1- Tennis. I’ve always wanted to get good at this, so better now than never! I’m going to take 1 private lesson per week, and by the end of the 3 months I hope to be able to hold my own in a tennis match!

Q2- Chess. It may seen silly, but I’m instantly impressed when I meet someone who is good at chess. It’s a game of strategy and skill, so I plan to study and play the game until I’m a master.

Q3- Cooking. I know how to cook, but I’m not up to speed on the all of the different cooking techniques. I’m going to try at least one new/more advanced recipe a week and add some signature dishes into my repertoire.

Q4- Piano. This will no doubt be the toughest, as I’ve never played an instrument and don’t know how to read music (yet). But after three months of piano lessons, I’ll at least know how to play a song or two.

Self improvement doesn’t always mean losing 10 pounds or going on more trips. To me, the most important thing in life is to always be learning. Here’s to a year of trying new things and eating less pizza!



  • Sasha
    January 7, 2016

    You are very inspiring Meghan! How is the mainland going? I wish you wellness and success in the new year!

  • Kristyn
    January 7, 2016

    I still say you should get a pass for NY pizza. YOLO

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