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When I first moved to NYC in January, I found myself chatting with a friend of a friend.  Through our conversation I discovered that she had been a nanny for most of her adult career.  She made an amazing living as a nanny, earning a six figure income last year alone,  but she was starting to doubt whether she should continue in the field.  She knew she wanted a change, but she wasn’t sure what that would look like.  Her biggest issue was, as it is for most of us, that she simply didn’t know where to start.Fast forward to a week later- I got to know her  better, we became friends and I offered to help through her career transition.  We spent an entire day rewriting her resume, pinning down her professional strengths and building out her Linkedin profile from scratch.  We did a deep dive into all of her past positions and identified what she liked and what she didn’t like about each role.  Finally, we began the digital job search.  A few weeks later, she landed an amazing job in a brand new field that she had almost no traditional “on paper” experience in.  When I found out that she got the job, I was genuinely ecstatic, and that’s when I realized that helping my new friend achieve her goal was one of the most fulfilling things I’d done in a long time  Thus, The Millennial Life Coach was born. 
 Being a millennial comes with a unique set of challenges; we get stagnant in our jobs and we’re  constantly searching for the one thing that’s supposed to fulfill us.  We want to have fun and to travel, but we also seek career growth and advancement opportunities.  And while trying to juggle all of this at once, we’re also attempting to save money for the future while maintaining a social life.  Needless to say that being the best version of  ourselves can oftentimes feel like a second full time job, but that’s where I come in.  Together, we can tactfully plan your budget, your career growth trajectory, or even how to get recognized at work without seeming like a brown noser.

If you’ve never worked with a coach before, I promise it’s not as weird as it seems.  Think of it like this- what’s the one thing you’ve been thinking about doing in the past three months, but for whatever reason you haven’t actually done it?  Maybe it’s starting the job search to find a more fulfilling role, paying down your credit card debt or moving to a brand new city.  Now imagine you had someone to push you get started, to hold you accountable and to cheer you on along the way.  Someone who’s only objective is to see you succeed in achieving your goals.  That’s exactly what a coach does!

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