23 Things I’ve Learned

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It’s that time of year again… by birthday I’ve always found it interesting how people react so differently to turning another year older. One of my best friends cries every year on birthday (“Am I old?!”) and another celebrates her birthday all month.

23Turning 23 is an odd age- when I imagine the milestone ages of my life and where I wanted to be at each age, I can’t honestly pinpoint where I mentally placed myself at 23. So to celebrate 23 years on this beautiful Earth, I figured it only makes sense to reflect on the most important¬†life lessons I’ve learned thus far:23

  1. Ordering salad for dinner at a restaurant is lame….. go for the steak!
  2. Moving to a new city is one of the most difficult, scary, and rewarding things you’ll ever do
  3. Shopping slowly becomes about quality over quantity- go for the expensive shoes and skip that on sale skirt you’ll only wear once
  4. Some friendships fade as a natural result of your growing and changing as a person-that’s okay
  5. Other friendships will weather any storm- you’ll grow together, and you’ll be friends through it all
  6. Nothing good ever comes from living in your comfort zone
  7. Travel is always worth the money
  8. You’ll learn some of life’s most valuable lessons from strangers in the more unexpected situations
  9. Reading a book is always a better idea than watching Netflix
  10. Call you mom frequently, cherish the time you get to spend catching up
  11. If someone asks you do try something that scares you, always say yes
  12. There’s nothing wrong with asking for what you want, that’s how you get it
  13. Keep a journal. It’s the way to learn about yourself
  14. Don’t be afraid to set lofty goals for yourself. If your goals don’t seem unachievable to the naysayers, then they probably aren’t big enough
  15. The time is always now- to travel, to move someplace new, to make a new friend
  16. Having fancy wine glasses will make you feel more grown up… invest in a set like this
  17. Reusable shopping bags are a must
  18. Wearing lipstick will make you instantly feel more put together
  19. Age becomes a lot less significant in relationships as you get older
  20. Love your body- compliment yourself daily, focus on all of the beautiful things about you and be grateful that you’re alive and healthy
  21. Never stop networking- relationships will always be one of your strongest assets
  22. Go to the movies once every coupe of months (and get popcorn). It’s good for the soul
  23. Never lose your adventurous spirit, no matter what age you are.

2323Here’s to my 23rd year of life! Can’t wait to see what the next 23 years will have in store for me. Thanks for the birthday wishes, it’s going to be a beautiful day!




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